Friday, January 16, 2004


Thank you very much, but I'm a little puzzled as to your identity. I realize that if you are kind enough to send me these books, you probably mean no harm. I also realize that you are REALLY kind to send these books period. But I feel like I'm at a loss for any Joneses in my memory banks that I know personally. If you are reading, which seems to be the only way you would know what to purchase, please drop me a comment. I'd like to thank you properly.

Yours sincerely,

I just received a couple of packages from an "M.S. Jones" in Anchorage containing a significant number of books. A wonderful and thoughtful gift, to be sure. All of the items Jones sent me were on my little wishy list, too. But...who is M.S. Jones? The billing address is a PO box. This is really one of those speechless wow-moments, but...who is M.S. Jones? I'm afraid that I'm forgetting about someone important to me or my family -- just blanking on a friend of the family who has known me since the diaper days. Thing of it is, I don't know very many Joneses. There are a couple Joneses that work with my father, and some Joneses I know vaguely from school, one who would send me over $50 in books. Not to mention, the question of how Jones got my address is a wee bit distressing. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth or anything, but I want to know who Jones is, so I can thank him or her and not be so confused about all of this.

So...yes. An evening of intrigue.

Edit: Until I find out who Jones is, the link to my Amazon wish list is coming down.

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