Monday, January 26, 2004

Pope + break-dancing = sheer comedy. The picture alone is to die for.

So there's a new email virus in town. Watch yourself. Known as "MyDoom," it is the fastest spreading e-mail worm ever, according to Network Associates, the Santa Clara, Calif.-based maker of McAfee Antivirus software. The company classified it as a "high alert," its most severe status level. Mydoom is wreaking havoc with businesses and home computer users, said Steven Sundermeier, product manager for Central Command, an anti-virus company in Medina, Ohio. Sundermeier said the worm is spreading fastest in the United States and Europe. The virus spreads in an e-mail message that looks like it was garbled during its journey to the recipient's in-box. The body text urges recipients to click on the attached file if the contents of the message are damaged or unreadable. The virus launches when the attachment is opened.

On the homefront, I'm still whirl-winded by doubts and such, but it's looking more and more like I'm going to scrap journalism in favor of something I legitimately enjoy, like literature, history or art. Or a double major. Or some minors. Something like that. And I plan to drop the honors college like a ton of moldy potatoes.

I SAW A RACCOON TODAY! They are so damn cute.

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