Monday, January 12, 2004

This has been circulating pretty widely, and I have to say it's disgusting. Look at what Karl "still a lying sack of crap" Rove said! To paraphrase: The media, particularly the newsmedia, has one job -- to sensationalize, hype, sell and even lie to keep people interested in what we tell them the truth is. Granted that this DID come from a gossip column, so it's got a license (more or less) to be unsubstantiated. But even if this is a gross manipulation by the librul mee-dee-uh to make Rove look bad, we, as the public and as media consumers, are being handled with safety gloves. The spirit of those remarks wafts around the White House like a halo of toxic by-products. Media corporations aren't blameless, either. Just watch the news or flip open a magazine. My journalism class (as candy-coated as FOX news, but with less blatant spin) calls it infotainment. I believe Homer Simpson coined that term. Or rather, I first heard the term from him. How's that for a sad state of media affairs?

The polar opposite of Jessica Lynch (or Jessica Lynch's media persona) is fighting for his dignity. Can anyone say they would be the same after seeing a mutilated corpse in the midst of a gun battle? What about his CO, telling him to "get his head out of his ass"? Where's the brotherhood of the army? I know for a fact that my reaction to combat would be at least of this magnitude, if not more so. The US military seems to be churning out an abnormal number of soldiers screwed by their system. Really makes me want to pledge MY allegiance.

Got a hair cut today. It's rather shorter than I would have wanted, but there's little I can do about it now. I'm in the process of starting a photo account, so I hope to have pictures of my relevant life soon. Maybe I'll scan some of the cutesy family shots of Dad, Mom, Adam and myself at the Grand Canyon, circa 1994. Erica at nine, Adam at four. Tune in next week, folks.

Oh, one more thing. Can ANYONE think of a Thursday song? Not just a song where Thursday is mentioned in a list of days, but a song with a more direct link to Thursday. Every song has a day except Thursday. Sunday Sunday, Manic Monday, Ruby Tuesday (or Tuesday Afternoon), "Wednesday morning at five O'clock...", It's Friday, I'm in Love, and the one for Saturday slips my mind. Saturday Night Live theme will stand in as a substitute. Areli and her dad's girlfriend foisted THAT doozy onto me, and I've been stumped since June. Help!

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