Thursday, January 08, 2004

Mein Grossvater hat geschreibt mich in der Deutsch. Es ist sehr hübsch gewesen. Ich habe ihn (in der Deutsch) geschreibt. Wir habe das Wetter gesprocht.

My grandfather wrote me in German (via email). It was very cute. I have written him back (in German). We [mostly] talked about the weather.

I can't really focus this evening. Glad I don't have anything to do, really. Otherwise, I'd be very much in the counter-productive "ooh! distraction!" mode while not accomplishing a damn thing. But I don't have anything pressing to do, so...

US still a bunch of fatties, says the NZ Herald, but Europe is catching up. Except for France, because they smoke too much. Seriously, though: With the trendy "healthy lifestyle" schtick in full swing, you'd think that people would be more apt to trim down. Ah. I caught the catch just as I typed that out -- it's a TREND. You join a program or take a class for a couple months, shave off a layer or two, then it ends or you quit and it's a quick road back to Poundsville. Maybe I'm a little extra-sensitive about this because of the college culture, where looks are still pretty much everything (what the...I thought I was OUT of high school!). Or because I live across from the student rec/health center. Or because I live in the land of starch and blimpage, also known as the dining halls. The trendiness of exercise, though, is unrelated to the prevalence of fat Americans in my mind. Our culture, perhaps more than any other, emphasizes getting more for your money, effort or time. Really, just getting More. More food, clothes, sex,'s a shitstorm of consumerism and control complexes. The American Dream, you know, white picket fence and all that, is obsolete; the house isn't big enough, the land isn't worth enough and the fence isn't high enough. Now Europeans are getting fat too. Globalization, anyone? And while we're on the subject of globalization, why not send some of our supersized value combos with extra everything to people who are STARVING. Christ.

Who, by the way, would agree with me.

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