Saturday, January 10, 2004

So Bush wants to send us to the moon, and subsequently Mars. That's great. Distract us further from the domestic trouble that he has caused. Get the American public to look up at the stars when looking across at our schools or health care facilities rot. Unite us under the banner of exploration as we sink into national debt. There's really no excuse for this tactic. This is a purely political manuever that the Dubious Dubya and Karl "lying sack of crap" Rove cooked up. No doubt called "Operation: Shiny Object" in White House circles.

Kyle and I met an uber-exuberant puppy yesterday on a walk.

Topic surfing, I know. I'm a little bit spacey today.

There's vomit in our bathroom (not mine). It needs to not be there. Ahhh, college.

More interesting stuff pending. Pending my doing something more interesting.

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