Tuesday, January 06, 2004

So I'm taking more or less the same schedule this term as I did last term. German, Literature, History, Journalism -- subjects I enjoy, but the honors college (them again!) ensure their place among my grievances by their limitings, stiflings, and mufflings. Don't worry, though. I'll bitch about other things too.

I'm even more unravelled about what I want to do with my university time here. It almost seems like I should have moved out and gone somewhere else to work or something, as opposed to diving into college ass over ears. Purposelessness in hardly my favorite feeling.

NPR is playing some twangy blues number that isn't relaxing me like the blues usually do. It's almost honky-tonk -- maybe that's it. My cowboy-intolerance is acting up. Is there a pill for that?

Does anyone have a link to the rover pictures? I really should be doing my German homework, but...the siren's song of the internet, she calls to me.

My open darkroom class starts on the 28th. I'm really excited; I haven't been in a darkroom since last summer with Mr. "annoying as all hell" Paulson. I have a roll of this crazy C-41 B&W film to develop. If it turns out well, I may keep using it. It's cheaper than T-Max and I can develop it anywhere. It's the poor man's black and white film, I guess. What will they come up with next?

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