Friday, January 30, 2004

This is bizarrely hilarious.

So I have a paper to write and a paper to start this weekend, but no topic ideas for either. Something lackadaisical has crept into my work ethic and set up a pup tent. No motivation here. Kyle points out that it IS a friday night, but I've had weeks to come up with a topic for these suckas. Now she says to stop my whining. Which is just as well. I should. I actually have an idea or two for the one that is due on Tuesday -- for lit. The history paper remains elusive. That class is elusive. I get the impression that I'm doing well, but I don't have much of a grade outside of participation points and the project I did today. (Oy to the project, by the way.)

Zara, Bailey, Soph and Katie can all expect things in the mail reasonably soon. Bailey and Zara are long overdue anyhow.

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