Friday, February 27, 2004

As I think I mentioned before, my cousin (link at right) is getting hitched in Phoenix next weekend. I get to ditch Dead Week weekend to go visit my family and watch Aaron marry a nice Scotsdale girl. The great this is I'll be seeing family I haven't seen in years, or have never met before. The not-so-great thing is that Dead Week is called Dead Week for a reason. I'm going to be scribbling paper drafts on the plane both ways. But hey, Arizona in the spring should be fun. Chances are, the food will be good too.

Still no decision on the honors college. German class was extra annoying today. I'll break it down: Our GTF lived in Germany for years. She was born there. The stupid frat boys in our class have been to Germany once. From the sound of it, they went on a high school trip. And yet they still argue with our GTF about the stupidest stuff -- and they think they're right! Today, they were pissing on about names of fruit. Did I mention how ridiculously incensed they get when things don't translate word for word? It's really frustrating. These dopes are prime examples of the little boys and girls at Uni that never grow up until they absolutely have to. If the world of academia is REALLY bitching over minutia, then screw being a professor. I'm going to be a bartender. With an M.A. in Romantic Poetry.

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