Sunday, February 08, 2004

Kyle is trying to fix her naughty laptop (which has been freezing lately), and the re-install CD is making noises like a record being scratched. Vvvvwwwip! Vwip! Vwipipipip!

Now that the sound effects for the day are out of the way (as is the rhyme, apparently), the entry continues into my wide and varied academic flakiness. Despite some vacillating on the fact, I realized the other day that anything I can do with a journalism degree, I can probably also do with an english degree. I mean, they both prove that I'm literate, and an art minor is a feather in my cap in case I actually find a media outlet that will have me (and hasn't been devoured by Time-Warner, News corp, etc). Plus, I've been thinking about adding computer science to the mix as a minor. I mean, if it involves lots of math, it's out, but I'm definintely going to attempt to become a little more tech-savvy than I already am. I'm not really content to understand what to do with programs but not how they work. Not that I want to dive head-long into Java and C++ and Unix and all that other stuff. I hardly know the differences between them. But I would like to a) fix up my blog a little, b) know enough jargon to tap into some nerdy scholarships I found and c) market computer knowledge as a skill in my utility belt. Right next to "cash register literate" and "good with people." So I'm probably going to take a CIS class next term. And an english class, hopefully from Professor Ben Saunders, about whom I will wax admiringly throughout my stay at UO. This guy is COOL. And he's smart AND he has a British (Londoner) accent. He's my hero... Not that I'm enrolled in his class, but Kyle is -- I've tagged along, dorky as that is. Just a couple times. I've got to say again, this guy is COOL.

In other news, I'm ignoring a paper due Wednesday for my boring history class. I'll do it tomorrow. This class...the prof clearly just wants the books spat back at her. She's like my high school economics teacher. Except she's not a fat bastard who calls me a commie. And she has a brain. Okay, okay, so that wasn't a good comparison. But the class is sub-par.

Meanwhile, the food here still sucks.

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