Saturday, February 21, 2004

"San Francisco Superior Court Judge Ronald Quidachay denied the request on the grounds that the conservative family values group, the Campaign for California Families, had not presented evidence showing that irreparable harm would be caused by allowing the weddings to continue." More here. Italics are my doing because that's what I've been saying all along. I just don't understand what the problem is. If John and Dave want to get hitched, they're not going to insist that straight men marry other straight men. That's ludicrous.

Oh, and this is worthy of note:

"JERUSALEM - Israel will tear down part of its controversial West Bank barrier on the eve of World Court hearings challenging its legality.

Workers will start dismantling an eight kilometre section of the barrier in the northern West Bank tomorrow after soldiers removed a watch-tower, cables and lighting from the area this morning." More here.

And there's the dose of current affairs for the day.

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