Thursday, February 19, 2004

It's official: First floor is where the proverbial "it" is at. Our RA lives there, and he's awesome. He's so awesome that he came all the way up to us mensches on the fourth floor to share cookies his mom made. Weird Art Major Joel (or WAM Joel! for short) (yes, with the exclamation point -- it fits him) and this guy named Charlie came with him; hallmates Marie and Megan joined us (Katharine and Sara too, for a bit) and it was a party. Rockin' out. Apparently, a good deal of first floor has some sort of insomnia or over-abundance of evening energy -- they all stay up until the wee hours wandering about Eugene or playing baseball with various items, etc. I need to spend more time on the first floor.

FUCKIN-- my hallmates of the more obnoxious caliber just got back from the basketball game. Last time I checked, we were behind by about 14 to Arizona. We probably lost. Anyhow, the pack of hyenas returned while I was typing the first paragraph, and one of my lovely, lovely peers let out a scream for no damn good reason at all. Loud. Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween loud. Straight down our echo-y, Kafka-eqsue hall. I definitely need to spend more time on the first floor.

Let's Not a whole lot going down here, really. I got a C on a German quiz (circa Tuesday) because it covered pointless vocabulary. The test was earlier today; we'll see how that goes. To jump subjects entirely, I think I'm going to keep the blog decor as-is for now. And I swear I will scan pictures soon. I need to watermark them, though. It's incredibly egotistical of me to think that my amateurish snapshots would strike the fancy of online photo theives, but they're still my intellectual property, damn it! In fact, I think I'll get on that tonight. WAM Joel!, Marc, and Charlie inspired me to stay up late. I mean, I've been a pretty good girl for most of the year in terms of sleep. And if I want a shower, I'm going to have to wait anyway. More on the unspoken rules of group showers to-NIGHT!

EDIT: Pictures as promised.

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