Thursday, February 26, 2004

Why do I keep vacillating about the honors college? My lit professor is trying to talk me into staying -- I can't talk to anyone there without getting a pitch. She's a senior staff member and knows all of the loopholes and get-arounds, so she can help me avoid some required classes. If I petition her, I might be able to work out the schedule I gushed and oozed about yesterday and use the history and english classes to take care of two classes I would otherwise take from the honors college. Plus, the research project I'm working on will strengthen the deal because of the research paper they make students write in the spring term lit/history classes. It's really bureaucratic, though. This is only to get me in the clear for this year. After that, there are five colloquia I need to take, only two of which I can petition to substitute, a senior seminar and thesis...did I mention the required math? It really hurts my head to think of all of these courses that I MUST take in addition to english and art requirements. I did a rough sketch of recs, and it looks like I can do it all, but I will have very few classes of my choosing outside of my various obligatory classes. ARGGGGH.

And I wish I could bring this up with my lit professor without her telling me that she'd "hate to lose me" and that Prof. Lambelet (history guru from last term) told her to "look out" for me. Is this flattery? Is she playing to my ego? Is the honors college actually a good place for me? Can I distinguish myself academically without it? Can...will...if...I....


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