Saturday, February 14, 2004

Last night, Kyle and I went to a late-night movie: "Miles Davis, Live in Munich." For a jazz fan like me, you'd think that would be a real treat. Nope. It was Miles in Munich in 1988, backed by the most fusion-pop, elevator-music, synthesized 80's stuff I've ever heard. Even A-ha can't compare to this. The moment I heard synthesized vox, I knew we were in for it, but I figured that Miles was trying to keep with the times and all, so we stayed. Sticking it out only made it worse. It remained bizarre. Davis was doing his jazzy thing, but his backers were completely 80's-ing it up. We left early, and couldn't get our money because we decided to "see if it got better." Oh well. For old-school jazz fans who think fusion is the worst thing that happened to jazz (except for Kenny G, but he doesn't count), this is NOT recommended. Tonight, we're going back to the Bijou to see "The Triplets of Belleville" -- an Oscar-nominated French cartoon. Hopefully that will be worth the dough.

For those of you who are wondering, neither Kyle nor I are "into" Valentine's day. It's overly-commercial and crass. Couples and potential couples don't need a designated day to be amorous. After all, isn't spontaneity part of keeping a relationship interesting? So while the Glenwood, Ambrosia, Cafe Xenon, and all of Eugene's other cute, romantic restaurants are packed to the gills with those a-wooing, we'll be polishing off hot and sour soup leftovers or eating at the dining hall, and then heading out for a French cartoon. Why waste the romance on an arbitrary day that we didn't choose? Of my own volition, I showered my love with affection on a random Saturday in January. I just don't understand what makes February 14 so special. It's the day before my dad's birthday -- that's something.

To change the subject a bit, a bunch of gay and lesbian couples got hitched in San Francisco thanks to their tricksy mayor. Gavin Newsom is the hero of the day. The New York Times has an article about the religious right's consequent hissy fit. I just want to slap them all and say, "Why does this even concern you?" Maybe they're pissed off because so far, gay marriages seem to last longer than straight ones. What's our divorce rate now? Fifty percent? Higher? Maybe the slogan should be "Legalize Gay Divorce" instead.

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