Sunday, February 22, 2004

This is cool. To summarize, Einstein's theory of a "dark energy" slowly pulling the universe apart is more or less correct. In 10 billion years or so, we'll get one of three things: A big rip, a big crunch, or the universe continues (no doubt waiting for a rip or crunch). The way it's looking, we're headed for a rip, as this "dark energy" (it sounds so Star Wars...) shreds the universe as we know it. Cool. I mean, it's fun to think about because I know I'm not going to be around, but someone at NASA will probably come up with a nifty animation of how all of everything will go kaputt.

Enough of Science Sunday. Last night, about a quarter of my hall went mini-golfing and bowling for free. Reasonably free, anyhow -- the University's res hall funding comes out of our pockets eventually, but we still didn't have to break out our wallets. It was fun, especially the mini-golf. Kyle and I bet a sundae on our outcome (Rothman wins!) and WAM Joel!, Jeremy the grad student, Megan, Kyle and I got bored with normal putt-putt rules and opted to swing all together (mini-golf CHAOS!!!) or kick our golf balls to the hole (mad, mad soccer skills right there). I got to know the names of some people on the Mystery Floor (2nd floor), which was cool. Most of them are still total non-entities, but hey.

I saw a guy in the dining hall that looked like David Martenson from Rogers Park. That was bizarre.

And now, for the homework.

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