Wednesday, February 25, 2004

I hope the new comments work out because Haloscan is both nifty and user friendly. A vague goal of mine is to be able to do all this code business myself, but these little doodads and downloads make it so easy. Next on my to-do list for El Bloggo is to figure out what the hell trackback is and how I can use it to my amusement.

As we bear down on week 10 (currently, it's wednesday of week 8 -- just so's you semester folk are clear on this, we quarterlies have three ten week terms and a summer quarter), my work load remains managable. Perhaps that's because my classes are ENORMOUSLY EASY. Well, my German class is tough, but that's a matter of not being a lazy-ass and studying my vocabulary. My lit class is enjoyable, but it isn't a brain-buster. The prof is, as I've probably mentioned before, very cool in a sassy old lady sort of way. She carries a little fan -- one of those flip-out numbers -- which I happen to think is idiosyncratically classy. The other two classes aren't worth mentioning, nor are they worth the money I'm paying for them. My history prof, who is better suited to teaching high school (and you'll see why after I close these parenthesis), wants us to underline our thesis and topic sentences in our next paper. Out of sheer ennui, our class has lowered our collective standards to "having thesis problems" -- I might add that this is one of my Honors College classes. No one in the room respects the prof anymore (which is kind of a shame because she's clearly knowledgable, if a bit...clueless), and as such, a paper I forgot about until the night before it was due got an A+. It wasn't a great paper. It may have beena good paper, but I was too sleepy to tell the difference while I wrote it. I got the impression that I got a good grade because I had a thesis and I stuck to it while still more or less regurgitating the book and her lectures onto paper.

But enough bitching. So many cool things are on the horizon, I can hardly stand it. First, Kyle and I finish our finals on Tuesday of finals week. This means that the remainder of this week is ours to spend as we wish. This is awesome because we get to ditch the dorm early and trot around Portland for an extra 3 days. Portland for a week is great, but Portland for a week and a half is better, especially when spent at Roberta's place. Real food, funny and engaging host, great city...ahhhhh. Vacation -- cue the Gogos. In a more short term-y excitement, this week and next week are registration weeks for spring term classes. I have everything all planned out. Barring these classes filling up before my registration time (March 1 at 6pm -- everything gets frozen over the weekend), I'm going to drop the Honors College and fully pursue the English/Art thing. German continues, but I'm looking toward a special studies English class on "Nature in the 18th Century." Romantic poets! Blake (personal fave), Keats, Tennyson, Byron, Coleridge, the whole gang. If I get into this class, I will be ecstatic. Tack onto that a drawing class and American Radicalism in the history side of things, and you get one happy Erica. Next term is going to rock. I hope I didn't say that about this term...

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