Sunday, February 15, 2004

The Triplets of Belleville = awesome. See it. It was hilarious and cute and absurd -- I laughed more in an hour and a half than I had during the previous week.

I just got back from a Literary Society meeting. We finally got around to weeding out the crap. I was expecting a higher caliber of writing, frankly, but there was still some good stuff there. I felt really embarrassed about one thing, though. All six editors put submissions in with the rest to get some feedback, and one of the poems I thought was not so hot turned out to be one of my fellow editors'. He's a nice guy, and I felt mean. Kyle and I were a little bit mocking (not too bad, or at least I hope not) -- thing was, everyone but us knew that it was his. Oh well. He took it easily. The poem was very Christian, and I think that triggered biases in Kyle and myself. Other than that, it was a lot of fun. There was some god awful poetry there. It rivals the majesty that is going on with El Kaz.

Short post today -- I'm tired and I need to call my dad. It's his birthday.

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