Thursday, February 05, 2004

Today was definitely strange. I woke up and went to German class as usual, then realized that the workbook, which we are supposed to fill out throughout the whole chapter, was due (we had a chapter test today). My workbook, however, was somewhere in my school junk pile -- completely untouched. I bought some time by asking to turn it in during my GTF's office hours and miraculously finished it in about an hour-fifteen. That got my heart racing for literature class, where my prof told us (on a huge tangent) that she'd met Charles Manson about two years before he started to get famous for that whole brainwashing people/murder/creepy family thing. She met him at a party when she was an undergrad (at UO, apparently) and went on a beer run with him. The kicker? He tried to recruit her, but she didn't bite. Upon returning to the party, she got out of there.

The funniest part was when this girl in my class had him confused with actor James Mason, "Oh, I LOVE Charles Manson!" Needless to say, that got her some funny looks.

I'll scan some pictures this weekend -- the shot of the Willamette street stumps is one of my favorites.

Oh, by the way, Bush is completely behind an anti-gay marriage amendment, as if there were any doubt. I'll hunt down the link. It's disgusting -- people are going to fall in line with him because of bigotry and because he's so insanely powerful. Canada, anyone?

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