Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Overheard today:
SOME GIRL:I can't believe I got a 79 on that paper!
SOME GUY: Yeah. Professor (So and So) is a total hard-ass. I worked all night and only got an 84.
GIRL: At least you got a B. My mom wrote, like, half of my paper and I STILL got a 79! And my mom is a very smart woman.
GUY: (mutters something)
GIRL: A 79. For all that work! This class fucking sucks.

I'd like to call that karma. My jaw hit the ground when I heard that. At an accredited university. I think UVa has the right idea (or had it when my grandpapa went there) with an honor code that all students sign, allowing their expulsion if they are caught cheating. Maybe I'm being too uptight about this, but what good does it do her, the professor, or the class if she's not writing her own goddamn paper? I mean, I cheated on math tests in high school once in a while, but that's not something I'd even consider at this level. Unbelievable.

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