Saturday, February 28, 2004

Dorm livin' ain't no livin' at all. Bad food. No kitchen. Annoying hallmates who monger gossip about the non-annoying hallmate in the hospital. Hallmates who scream and yelp. Cubicle-like room. God awful rent contract. Ecchhh.

Bitching aside, last night was fun. Janelle invited us over to play the 90s game with her roommate and a friend of theirs. Tried Mike's Hard Lemonade for the first time -- it wasn't bad. I do likes the lemonade taste, and it's not too strong in the booze department. However, the 90s game tends to go on for way too long. Not recommended.

There's a big rant-ish post in my drafts file. So there's more a-coming, but I have a lot of work this weekend.

Oh, who wanted the postcard again? I know Soph was on there...Bai, were you the other one? Were there more? I lost track and then everything got deleted.

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