Wednesday, February 04, 2004

This is a little bit stale, but it's ripped straight from the notebook, dated last Saturday.

Today when I showered, I smeared my face with apricot goo in part to keep the pimples away and in part because of something Areli said to me once. She told me that rubbing ground apricot pits on my face is as destructive as dragging broken glass across my pores. Pumice is more soothing, she said. This factoid came from one of her mother's vegetarian magazines, which had been really diappointing lately because it was full of Cosmo tips for granola-munchers who would never read Cosmo but would take the same advice if printed next to a butternut squash soup recipe. When she told me this, I had been using the stuff off and on for a few weeks. The bottle was nearly full. Maybe, I thought today, I want to scrape my face off.

Lately, I can't seem to grip what I am or want in any form or substance. If I could see myself inside-out, would I know any better?

Well, enough of that. My photo class is tonight, and I'm really excited again. I have a ton of negatives ready to be printed. On Monday, I shot a bunch of film and I can't wait to shoot more. Like I said, a cheap film-hook up would be REALLY nice. As soon as they're ready, I'll scan some and post links to them.

My J201 class is more of a chore than ever. I have no interest anymore. Journalism is dead to me. I'm stuck with it for the rest of the term, but after that I'm home free. Free as an English major. Ahhhh.

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